About the Music Camp

The most Renowned Music Camp in Quebec

The Camp Musical Val-des-Sources inc. was established in 1961 by l’Harmonie d’Asbestos. Its mission is to make music accessible to young children. A few years ago, a foundation was created to help us reach our goals! the Foundation offers scholarships to young musicians from all over Quebec to give them access to vocational trainings taught by passionate teachers.

During the summer season, we offer one and two-week camps specialized in harmony music. Our numerous teachers, who are often long-time collaborators, as well as our professional and welcoming staff assures campers an educational and dynamic stay. Our inground swimming pool as well as our numerous playing fields will remind our campers that they are all on vacation from school! Also, thanks to our site being in the middle of nature and around three lakes, we can offering campers a healthy and suitable environment for learning and for relaxating.

We are always very happy to see the friendships built between the campers during their stay at our music camp: campers who at first were reluctant at the idea of spending the next 2 weeks with strangers and finally leave camp with tears in their eyes when saying goodbye to their new friends! Looking forward to next summer to practice their respective instruments together in the fresh air!

Since 1961, the Musical Camp of Val-des-Sources trains young musicians of Quebec. Many of the former campers who are now adults are registering their children today to give them the opportunity to also live what was one of their most beautiful young memories.

Concept and team

Our camps are centred on practice and technique and the campers are accompanied by highly qualified and specialized teachers according to their instrument. What distinguishes us from other camps is that we offer 2 week stays. According to the experience which we acquired over time, this duration allows the best quality of possible learning. The camper has time to connect with his instrument and to assimilate more material. This duration also makes it possible for us to present a 2-hour concert at the end of the camp.

he campers have 6 hours of music a day and a very loaded schedule. The program: in the morning, choir singing to train the musical ear, group practice with the entire Harmony band and then individual, sectional practice or private lessons. In the afternoon, sports and activities or relaxation in the open air! In the evening, group practice of in the concert hall to reinforce what was learned during the day and another moment of relaxation with activities organized by the physical education teacher to favor bonds between campers.

Our team is constituted of teachers from primary level to university level. The teachers live onsite throughout the camp period and, because the family aspect is important at our camp, they are often accompanied by their families. Most teachers have been with us for a very long time, what explains the strong bonds between us all and the warm atmosphere that characterizes the camp.

We are also lucky enough to count on a great team of monitors that follow the campers throughout their stay. All of our monitors are former campers, which allows them to understand the camp’s mission and regulations.

To orchestrate the entire experience, the management team at the Camp makes sure of the cleanliness of the Campground as well as the communication between the diverse players during the stay. Our smiling and dynamic team is very happy to be surrounded by music and to see the campers evolving over time.