Show Venue

Facilitate the Organization of your Show by Renting a Fully Equipped Venue at O3 Centre

The Camp Musical d’Asbestos inc. created the o3 center, and has had for over 50 years a vocation of promoting and developing the art of music. The O3 Center thus, is equipped today, with all the necessary equipment for big shows and performances. For sound: we have two 10 000-watt sound systems for indoor or outdoor shows. As for the lighting, we are equipped with D.E.L., Lecko and Fresnel and our multifunctional hall is endowed with 4 bars of lighting in the ceiling as well as stage projectors. This hall also contains a 50 feet wide by 30 feet deep stage which can easily welcome large numbered groups, choirs and the theatre plays. We frequently rent media equipment such as monitors, microphones, sound consoles and cables etc. Whether it is for dinner and a show, representations of dance or theater or a rock show, everything is ready for a free of mind organization at our venue.