Scholarship application

The Camp Musical Val-des-Sources set up the Camp Musical Val-des-Sources Foundation who’s mission is the same as the Camp: to make music accessible to kids. Every year, we give more than 30 000 $ in scholarships to kids who need it. We invite you to fill the request form below to apply.

Eligibility conditions :

1. Know how to play one or more instruments for a minimum of 1 year

2. Not have received from Musical Camp of Val-des-Sources any other scholarship during the current year

3. Have sent the application for a scholarship before the deadline

Campers of College or University levels will be excluded from this type of scholarship.

Selection Criteria :

1. Experience with instrument

2. Available place according to registration


Please note that once the deadline has past, no application will be accepted.

Join :

  • A letter explaining why you would like to receive a scholarship from Musical Camp of Val-des-Sources and details about your musical experience.
  • A picture or yourself

Send the following informations to :

  • Name
  • Address E-mail
  • Date of birth
  • School year
  • Grade :Instrument and years of experience
  • School and music teacher
  • Session: 1st session 2nd session 3rd session 4th session
  • Photo
  • Lettre